The idea behind PathsUnbeaten project

Welcome to! My name is Giuseppe Emanuele Giampino and I am an experienced traveler from Italy.

Since 2011 I have been travelling off the beaten tracks to break my comfort zone and I have been being inspired to the “photo-travelling” concept. I am always willing to challenge myself by discovering the wonderful nature offered by our planet even by sharing it with co-travelers!

In addition, I am fashioned with the sporty philosophy of the journey so I have made the decision of giving my contribution by sharing with you my grown expertise based on my travel background.

I have traveled in Europe, Asia and lately also in America and Africa and I cannot wait to travel more!

My mission is to pursue on a digital nomad life to find the inspirations and stimulate my creativity to produce new video contents about outdoor life including sport activities, travelling far off the beaten path to discover the rural life and closely understand how the local communities live and how we can assist them. As a result this will generate a new a new way of thinking about travelling life and will let us to consider more great opportunities about our future travel plans! Two examples? Sustainability and cultural adaption!

My favorite mode of exploring? The answer is: backpacker style with (motor)bike!

If you want to learn more about the project, you can contact me or just check out the WORKSHOPS page about upcoming travel events!

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