TENERIFE: a great island to enjoy digital nomad life

Dear readers,

during 2022, I stayed in Tenerife twice: first time during the European summer time and the second time during December. Now I am back again for the 3rd time!

Being a remote online worker, a friend of mine and I took the chance to fly off to Canarias at the beginning of summer to spend all July in Tenerife by renting a car with a friend. The idea behind that was to make social networking and at the same time to explore for any not-so-beaten spots!

Although many of us might be thinking that Tenerife itself is beaten out, unless we look for sandy beaches well-attended and so within the ‘comfort-zone’, the rental of a car will be 101% worthy to discover unbeaten trails as well as not-so beaten stone beaches with emerald colour of the sea.

The key characteristic of Tenerife is that we can experience different micro-climate, for instance if you hike at 1500mt of altitude you may feel cold especially during the ‘winter’ months or just cool over the summer time while when you are by the coast you may have sunny and warm weather.

Here below you can clearly see a contrast between warm and cold climate:

All you need to know before travelling to Tenerife:

  • It is a volcanic island with the highest summit El Teide of 3715mt
  • Due to the micro-climates is highly recommended to bring a sweater
  • Many beaches are either rocky or with black stones so trekking sandals are recommended
  • When you visit Teide volcano keep in mind that it might be very windy during the day

Why Tenerife?

  • There are plenty of places which are a great inspiration to stimulate our own creativity, e.g. make a connection of photography with improvised art.
  • If you like outdoor sports then you are good to go for rock climbing and trekking.
  • When it comes to water sports you are at the right place for kite and windsurfing and of course also scuba diving and kayaking!
  • If you like rocky beaches, natural pools, that’s the place for you!
  • Enjoy life in a community of digital nomads co-workers to expand our social network (co-living)
  • Retreat yourself with wellness activities such as Yoga meditation, breathing, sound healing and cut down the ‘routine’

Both times I stayed at Cactus co-living https://cactuscoliving.com/ which is situated in a small village called Valle De San Lorenzo in the south, 15km far from the big crowd of Los Cristianos, around here you have the opportunity to hike up to Roque de Jama and Roque El Conde which are not beaten by the ordinary tourists in Tenerife.

The main characteristic of this co-living is that it has unique breathtaking view from the rooftop with Cactus plants, see photo below:

This place is a great community life experience and amongst other things the owner and founder used to grow up here, in other words is a family-owned co-living.

If you want to enjoy social community vibes and body retreatment here you are definitely at the right place because you don’t need to think by yourself what to do and where to go, you will connect with other people and you will easily figure out some possible unbeaten spots, all the rest will go with the flow!

Just click on the website link I provided you above and check out for the availability of Cactus co-living.

Here below there is the interactive map with the marked places of interest for hiking/trekking and for seaside/water activities:

Here below there is the walking/hiking route to Roque de Jama:

Roque de Jama is MUST-DO over the sunrise and sunset time, it is not recommended during the day because the sun would burst a lot. Here below there is a gallery about the scenery from the summit of Roque de Jama by the sunrise.

Last but not least for hiking and trekking, you may find very attractive hiking trails in the national park of Anaga which is situated in the North-west corner of Tenerife, all you need is to download the app MapsMe and you will find lot’s of not-so beaten trails to hike!

If you are focused on water sport activity such as Scuba Diving you may find attractive to explore El Montana Amarilla located in Costa de El Silencio

I have been at Montana Amarilla many times and for this purpose I have embedded a short recorded video to give an overview of the place itself:

In conclusion, if you plan to stay in Tenerife as a digital nomad for long time the experience will surely be rewarding especially if you combine it with the co-living community life. Personally I am coming back soon in Tenerife and my goal will be to rent a motorbike or buy a new one to explore the unbeaten spots with a different and better perspective than when driving a car!

If you have any question or remarks do not hesitate to contact me and do not forget to subscribe to my website to receive the newsletters!



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